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We are an established and professional computer services provider based in Hampshire, with Winchester, Dorset and Southampton offices. We're the local leader in cost, quality and professionalism:

  • Dependable Professional Computer Support;
  • Fully Managed IT Services;
  • On-Site Computer Support and Projects;
  • Server, PC & Network Installations;

We take care of all our clients' computer requirements so our clients can take care of their businesses.

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  • cloud-services-tabCloud and Hosted Services

    SME's can in appropriate circumstances gain huge benefits from cloud based services. It can lend itself perfectly to SME’s, as they can scale their systems as the business grows  without significant initial investments. Microswift provides a full range of cloud based and hosted services required by SMEs; the total one-stop solution. These cloud based services include:



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    Technical Support for all Size of Businesses 

    Microswift provides a range of professional technical support services: from the complete management; support and responsibility for all technical systems; supplementary support or consultancy for the larger businesses with systems staff; right through to ad-hoc support for the smaller businesses.  Click on your business requirement below:  

    • Home Based and Mobile Workers 
    • Complete Small Business Systems Support 
    • Supplementary Support for System's Professionals and Teams 
    • Outsourcing your System's Team Resourcing
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    Software Services 

    With years of experience in the development and implementation of bespoke and packaged solutions for a wide range of companies, we can offer a level of professionalism and expertise that sets us apart. We can offer both time and fixed price agreements in the development or customisation of your chosen software application.  From discussing busines requirements and mapping these into a proposed solution, right through to client training and ongoing helpdesk support.

  • Online Backup Software

    Online Backup Software

    Microswift are the only UK authorised reseller of RBackup online backup software. RBackup offers many features that aren't found in other online cloud backup solutions.

    Find out more about Remote Backup Software

Computer Security Review

Our approach in the area of security sets us apart from others in the security field;  with the identification of areas for concern or exposure, we will also recommend pragmatic ways forward for improvement based on industry best practices. Occasionally the issue may be a specialist area where business software application vendors, or manufacturers need to advice or resolve, however normally with certified technical expertise in Microsoft server and application technologies,  in many areas of networking and firewalling, and in web hosting, software and database development, we can advice on resolving many technical and process exposures, and more importantly we can propose pragmatic solutions that are relevant to small and medium sized businesses. 

The relevance of pragmatic reviews to smaller and medium sized businesses is often of key importance to our SMB clients, and as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Microsoft Certified Partner and Cisco Small Medium Business Specialist we know the SMB area very well.  

Security review reports

We combine and complement our expertise with our computer assisted audit tools, including vulnerability scanning tools.  Although we will discuss client  requirements and customise our review appropriately, our security reviews often typically evaluate.  

Risk Classification 
• Information Classifications.
• Who, or what entities are dependent on the security of systems.
• Impact of breaches.

Infrastructure Topology & Configuration
• Security measures in server & systems architecture.
• Network Topology; separation and firewalling.

Physical Security
• Infrastructure located.
• People identified and authentication.
• Data controlled.

Application/database configuration and architecture
• Separation of data.
• Hardening procedures for applications and databases.

Access Control
• Access tied to roles.
• Approval process.
• Traceability of users/administrators.
• Visibility of access.

Authentication and Authorization
• Technologies used in authentication.
• Password or authentication complexities.

Remote Access/VPN Access
• Encryption levels used.
• Systems accessibility via Remote access.

Change Control
• Change management in place.

Updates, Patching, and Anti-Virus
• Methods employed to keep systems current
• What AV software is in use, where employed, and frequency of updates

Monitoring and Logging
• Network, Database, System, Application Logging
• Intrusion detection

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning
• Data backups
• Documented & practiced DR & BCP plan
• Non-production environments

• Computer usage
• Appropriate training Netgear.


Clients Testimonials

  • I’m pleased we have found a knowledgeable and friendly local company who provided just the help we needed at just the right time.

          - IT Services Manager 

  • They have proved more responsive, easy to get along with and dependable... 

    Simply Health    - Operations Manager

  • As a company their service levels are first class whether it’s a minor day to day support issue or the planning and implementation of a major investment project…
    Mia Sports Technology      - Managing Director


  • IT had become a serious operational issue  …  looking back we wonder why we left making the change for so long.
    New Forest Care     - Operations Manager


  • Two years on, after providing responsive support and progressing a number of projects they are one of our most trusted suppliers



Our lowest cost promise includes professional services and ICT equipment procurement.

WHAT'S NEW: Windows Small Business Server 2011 

Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011 incorporates the best-of-breed product technologies to deliver a fully integrated environment that helps small businesses protect business data, increase productivity, and present a more professional image to customers. 

WHAT'S NEW: Cisco Small Business Solutions

The Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS) enables businesses to enhance how they reach, serve, and retain customers. It is an affordable system that gives your staff anytime, anywhere access to business information and applications, making it easier than ever to communicate with customers and each other. 

Our Clients Include

  • Anthony Harding & Partners
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