Internet Connectivity Solutions

Microswift partners with a range of leading telecommunication companies, and product manufacturers to be able to provide the most effective and appropriate internet solution for your business. Our knowledge, experience and wide product portfolio is central to our success in delivering solutions that enable customers to connect anywhere in the world to share data and communications services.

Our wholesale provided products include:

  • Broadband based services including ADSL and SDSL. Selecting the most appropriate broadband based service for your business, this is based on a number of criteria including required upload and download speeds, signal to noise ratio on the line, diverse routing of carriers, etc. We also advise and implement bonded and load balanced hybrid solutions.
  • EFM Leased Lines (Ethernet in the First Mile): provides high speed, reliable internet connectivity for businesses who have outgrown traditional broadband, but where fibre base Ethernet services are still too expensive. EFM uses multiple copper pairs to deliver the service. These are bonded together to provide a combined service. By combining pairs you will receive a much more reliable service because if there is a fault with a single wire then the service will just slow down, rather than taking your business off line. EFM has no 'up to' speeds limits - the speed you need is the speed you'll receive, with symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Ethernet Over Fibre (EOF) is a dedicated fibre optic internet connection, with speeds of up to 100Mbps, direct to your business premises. Delivered from the exchange, directly into your business premises, EOF provides a superfast business-grade internet connection, giving you the speeds your business requires. This next generation internet service does not rely on old infrastructure, and provides the fastest and most reliable service possible at the most competitive cost.
  • Where the above services are not available or suitable, we can provide traditional Leased Lines and MPLS network based solutions.

Clients Testimonials

  • As a company their service levels are first class whether it’s a minor day to day support issue or the planning and implementation of a major investment project…
    Mia Sports Technology      - Managing Director


  • They have proved more responsive, easy to get along with and dependable... 

    Simply Health    - Operations Manager

  • IT had become a serious operational issue  …  looking back we wonder why we left making the change for so long.
    New Forest Care     - Operations Manager


  • Two years on, after providing responsive support and progressing a number of projects they are one of our most trusted suppliers


  • I’m pleased we have found a knowledgeable and friendly local company who provided just the help we needed at just the right time.

          - IT Services Manager